Energoinstal has manufacturing lines for complete offsite fabrication of boiler units and associated equipment. They are located in the production halls with an area of 40,000 square meters.
We are proud to be the only manufacturer of power boilers in the world, that applies laser welding technology of pressure equipment on an industrial scale.

Energy and industrial boilers
Energy and industrial boilers including biomass / coal / gas / oil fired boilers for disposal of municipal waste, and in particular the heat recovery steam generators in gas and steam systems of power stations and their individual elements made using laser technology solutions are the solutions that are compliant with the latest trends in boiler technology.
Our boilers allow to significantly increase the energy efficiency of heat circulation by significant reduction in fuel consumption, thereby reducing emissions of harmful compounds into the atmosphere.

Oil and gas burnersOil-, gas- and combined burners with power 1-60 MW are performed in acc. to state of  the art technology. The applied solutions allow to precise operation, adapted to changing boiler loads with adhering to directives concerning emission of pollutions into atmosphere.

Gas / oil pressure reducing-metering stations
Gas / oil pressure reducing-metering stations that optimize burners performance are the constantly improved products according to the latest technical solutions.

Finned tubes
Continuous / serrated finned tubes, traditional method or laser welded along the entire length stand for the modern product that significantly increases heat exchange surface. The use of finned tubes allows full optimization of boiler heating surfaces thereby reducing boilers` size and weight.

Steel structures
Steel structures are made on the basis of own design office where all the technological requirements of investment and clients` recommendations are taken into consideration with all the details.

Heat pipelines elements

Pressure vessels

Cladded tubes
Cladded tubes with nickel alloys: INCONEL 625 and INCONEL 686

and also:

  • air and ducts including flaps
  • ventilation and dust ducts
  • non-typical industrial equipment
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