Energoinstal offers maintenance and repair services of pressure and non-pressure systems including:

  • energy and industrial steam boilers
  • energy and industrial water boilers
  • biofuels steam boilers
  • waste treatment boilers and auxiliary equipment
  • gas fired boilers
  • heat recovery steam generators
  • coal-fired boilers

• complete boiler houses
• boilers / industrial buildings supporting structures
• environmental protection equipment / systems
• central heating, water and sewage, process heat and chilled water networks
• ventilation, air conditioning, dedusting networks
• stainless steel products / systems in food, chemical, construction industry
• thermal insulations
• heat pipelines

Energoinstal operates the following services:
Design and supervision of:
• steel structures
• power generation equipment
• technological installations

General contractorship:
• CHP construction
• construction of industrial plants

Research works in the scope of:
• materials engineering
• welding
• materials heat treatment

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