The Company

ENERGOINSTAL SA is one of the largest manufacturers of power boilers in Poland, a well-known and respected partner both on domestic and foreign markets. It owes its success to the constant modernization of production technology including flexible response to changing market demands.

What distinguishes ENERGOINSTAL from the competition is also the possibility of implementing large and complex works, including general contracting of complete steam-gas units for supercritical parameters up to 400 MWel. Qualified personnel is the advantage including the possibility of financing the investments that we decide to take.



Energoinstal boasts of a unique position in Poland and is one of the five European manufacturers of finned tubes, the basic element of waste heat boilers and heat exchangers, including the P91 material for supercritical parameters. These pipes were used in the waste heat boilers built by Energoinstal in Dunkerque, France (so far the largest ones in Europe).

Membrane walls, pressure element of boilers with similar features manufactured by Energoinstal, where our unique production technology allows the high quality of the products, competitive prices, and attracts purchasers from European and world markets.

We also manufacture burners based on our own patents. They include solutions which allow precise work, adapted to changing boiler load while maintaining the standards of emission of polutants into the atmosphere.

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